Scholarship Alumni

Since 1996 the Global Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship program has awarded more than 1,900 GAAS scholarships. 
Other automotive organizations who award scholarships began collaborating with GAAS in 2007, and they have made more than 600 additional awards. 
These outstanding young people are a growing community of aftermarket professionals, and are listed in this searchable Scholarship Alumni database. 
If you are a scholarship alumni, you can update your profile by using the Scholarship Alumni Sign-Up log-in box on the home page.  
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The database has been initially populated with scholarship recipients from 2004-up.  If you received a scholarship prior to 2004 and would like to be listed, or if your listing is missing or inaccurate, please e-mail Pete Kornafel (


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Name Scholarships
Alex Adkins Auto Care
Sandra Albarran Santos U of A Foundation
Timothy Altner U of A Foundation
Anthony Ammann AASP-MN
tyler anderson U of A Foundation
Riley Andrews U of A Foundation
Jose Angeles U of A Foundation
Peter Antonuk WAPA
Jacob Arden U of A Foundation
Trinidad Ariza APSA
Justin Arnsmeier U of A Foundation
Angel Astorga U of A Foundation
Crystal Avila U of A Foundation
Skyler Badertscher Auto Care
Multi Parts
Tyler Bagby U of A Foundation
Whitley Bailey WB
Jerry Ball GAAS-Gates
Jonas Banuelos CAWA
Presley Barker U of A Foundation
william bartling U of A Foundation
Cody Baum Multi Parts
Anthony Bean NYSAAA
Thomas Beasley AAAS
Marqus Bennett U of A Foundation
Cesar Bernal APSA
James Biaglow U of A Foundation
Courtney Bisbee Bisbee GAAS-Gates
Matthew Bisbee Multi Parts
Tyler Bode AASP-MN
Tayler Bonecutter U of A Foundation
Logan Boyle U of A Foundation
Jesse Brian APSA of IL
Auto Care
Casey Brochu Breslow
U of A Foundation
Stephen Brooks GAAS-Gates
Dhillon Buhrman U of A Foundation
Brenden Bungert U of A Foundation
Jacob Calvillo U of A Foundation
Nigel Campbell GAASCanada
Jose Castillo APSA
Marco Cerrato U of A Foundation
Julienn Childress MAPSA
Brandon Chludil U of A Foundation
Daryl Clement U of A Foundation
Megan Coburn McCurdy
Amanda Conroy Donors
John Coolidge McCurdy
Audrey Corrigan Standard Motor
Samantha Cotell WB
Takuma Cottle GAASCanada
Austin Crisp Stant
JUSTIN CROOKS U of A Foundation
Alex Cross U of A Foundation
Alexander Cuellar U of A Foundation
Joaquin Cuevas Standard Motor
Joseph DaRin ADS
Timothy Davidson U of A Foundation
David DeGroot Breslow
Calvin Dell U of A Foundation
Victor Diaz U of A Foundation
Matthew Diemer U of A Foundation
James Divis U of A Foundation
Logan Dolatowski U of A Foundation
Stephanie Doun Standard Motor
Austin Dowler U of A Foundation
Brandon Edgecomb GAAS
Daniel Egge Standard Motor
Lane Elliott U of A Foundation
Reid Enfinger AAAS
Lee Engelhardt U of A Foundation
Jordon Esselman Stant
Taylor Falk U of A Foundation
Laura Fincher Auto Care
Jordan Fowlkes GAAS-Gates
ashley frank WB
Courtney Freeman AAACT
Preston Friend U of A Foundation
Matthew Fusco GAAS
Robert Gaines U of A Foundation
Benjamin Gallagher U of A Foundation
Luis Garcia Gonzalez AASP-MN
Anthony Gerber GAAS
Braden Gowers U of A Foundation
Paul Grate U of A Foundation
John Grischow GAAS-Gates
Lane Guanciale Auto Care
Cody Gugel APSA
Levi Gustafson Stant
Sophie Habas Multi Parts
Brady Harp U of A Foundation
Kevin Hash U of A Foundation
Brodie Hawkins GAAS
Michael Haymes U of A Foundation
clare hegwer U of A Foundation
Matthew Heick U of A Foundation
Lillian Heidenreich U of A Foundation
Jacob Henson Donors
Cameron Hernandez U of A Foundation
Benjamin Hicks U of A Foundation
T'kye Hill APSA
Zachary Hill U of A Foundation
jonathan Hladney U of A Foundation
Mitchell 1
Jordan Hofer GAASCanada
Derek Hoger U of A Foundation
Megann Holbrook GAAS-Gates
Alex Holle U of A Foundation
Zachary Hook APSA
Tanner Horton U of A Foundation
Leonard Howe Stant
Mari Howe U of A Foundation
Tyler Hoyles AASP-MN
Collin Huber Donors
Darryl Huckabee APSA
Brooke Hull U of A Foundation
Alex Hussmann U of A Foundation
Dustin Hutton U of A Foundation
Abdallah Ibrahim APSA
U of A Foundation
John Idon GAASCanada
Ashley Ingle GAAS-Polk
Andrew Joestgen U of A Foundation
Jeremy Johnson U of A Foundation
Rpbert Johnson III U of A Foundation
Olivia Kampwerth AAAS
Conner Kavanagh GAAS-Gates
Seth Keesler U of A Foundation
Tristan Kemp U of A Foundation
Sarah Kittrell AAACT
U of A Foundation
Austin Kochenash U of A Foundation
Jesse Krahn WAPA
Rebecca Kunkel U of A Foundation
Deianera Langston APSA
Alexander Larson U of A Foundation
Joseph Lasher Auto Care
Justin Lee AAAS
Eric Leeseberg U of A Foundation
Robert Leete ADS
Broderick Lentz U of A Foundation
Sara Lohnes WB
Dale London GAAS-Gates
Eric Long U of A Foundation
Emily Lowdermilk WB
James Lowe U of A Foundation
Christian Luna CAWA
Dalton Lyons U of A Foundation
Jamie Marroquin U of A Foundation
Brigida Marsh U of A Foundation
Leslie Matsumoto Standard Motor
MATTHEW MAURO U of A Foundation
Daniel Maxwell U of A Foundation
Kyle May U of A Foundation
Branson Mayne GAASCanada
Jerome McCall U of A Foundation
jose moctezuma-garcia Stant
Mohammad Samim Mohammad Aziz Donors
Sara Mohon Multi Parts
Jonathan Monroe U of A Foundation
Zachary Morgan Donors
Anthony Morrow Stant
Zachary Mueller U of A Foundation
Austin Mulcahy U of A Foundation
Joshua Myers U of A Foundation
Joy Nash GAAS-Polk
Cody Nelson Stant
Brice Nethers U of A Foundation
Harmon Newhouse U of A Foundation
Tonantzin Nordwall CAWA
Isaac Nowak U of A Foundation
Zachary Olsen U of A Foundation
Austin Ormond Auto Care
John Palkovitz U of A Foundation
Logan Papousek GAAS-Gates
Gregory Peck U of A Foundation
Masey Peone U of A Foundation
Luis Peraza U of A Foundation
Jesse Phillips CAWA
Andrew Plewniak U of A Foundation
Joseph Rademacher U of A Foundation
alec raso U of A Foundation
Evan Reinert U of A Foundation
Paul Rice U of A Foundation
Colton Richard APSA
Dalton Richards U of A Foundation
Garrett Rider APSA
Kendall Riecken Auto Care
Austin Rikhus AASP-MN
John Ritchie U of A Foundation
Naomi Rivas Multi Parts
Robert Rogers APSA
Dakota Rutherford U of A Foundation
kelsey rutledge U of A Foundation
Xaviar Sanders U of A Foundation
Douglas Santos U of A Foundation
Kayla Savage U of A Foundation
Brady Sayers APSA
Jordan Schaller Multi Parts
U of A Foundation
Alexander Schnorr Breslow
Adam Schumm ADS
Seth Schure AASP-MN
Umair Shah Auto Care
Lachlan Shum GAASCanada
Steven Simpkins U of A Foundation
ANTOINE SMALL U of A Foundation
ODell Smith U of A Foundation
Lucas Smotherman U of A Foundation
Cody Snyder APSA
Hayden Spoelstra U of A Foundation
Tyler St.Clair GAAS
Scott St.Cyr-Hogaboom U of A Foundation
Richard Stanley III U of A Foundation
Armoni stephens GAAS
Zackary Stewart Auto Care
Ashlee Strunk WB
christopher szigeti U of A Foundation
Ryan Talaga U of A Foundation
James Tangman U of A Foundation
Todd Terrill U of A Foundation
Kien Thay U of A Foundation
Ethan Theewis U of A Foundation
Jerrod Thompson U of A Foundation
Billy Tipton Stant
Levi Tofell MACS
Michael Torgerson AASP-MN
U of A Foundation
Andrew Treas U of A Foundation
Justin Turkett MACS
Austin Underwood U of A Foundation
Ethan Underwood U of A Foundation
Nick Vellis U of A Foundation
Alec Voce NYSAAA
Lucas Wald GAAS-Busch
U of A Foundation
Byron Walker U of A Foundation
Dylan Walsh Stant
Matthew Walsh CAWA
Katie Washington MAPSA
Christopher Weiss GAAS-Gates
Jonathan Weronski U of A Foundation
Jason Westelaken GAASCanada
Gabriel Wilkerson U of A Foundation
Alex Winder AASP-MN
Anthony Wnoroski U of A Foundation
Shelby Woods NACAT
Joseph Wright AASP-MN
James Wyatt U of A Foundation
Dan Wycklendt U of A Foundation
Peter Yang AASP-MN
Christopher Yanish U of A Foundation
Stephanie Yim Stant
Chase Zebari MAPA
Sommer Zent MACS
Jonathan Zubrod U of A Foundation
Name Scholarships
Ronald Acsenvil U of A Foundation
DeAndre Adams AASP-MN
Cole Anderson AASP-MN
Brett Arnold U of A Foundation
Tyler Arnold U of A Foundation
Tyler Bagby U of A Foundation
Haley Bagents AAAS
Keith Baker APSA
Zachary Baker U of A Foundation
Meggan Barnes U of A Foundation
Ryan Baxter Standard Motor
Anthony Bean GAAS-Gates
Darlene Bear U of A Foundation
Joshua Beeler U of A Foundation
Damian Begler Stant
Eric Beranek AASP-MN
Kayla Berg AASP-MN
Bruce Biegler Breslow
Cecil Blue U of A Foundation
Grant Boeckmann U of A Foundation
Robert Bolden U of A Foundation
KEVIN BORCHERT U of A Foundation
Mitchell 1
Ashley Bosch MACS
Alexander Bowles U of A Foundation
Scott Bradshaw U of A Foundation
Jorey Brazell AASP-MN
Hannah Breisch U of A Foundation
Cole Brenneke GAAS-Gates
Jesse Brian APSA of IL
Matthew Brophy U of A Foundation
Alex Bruce U of A Foundation
Steven Bruce GAAS
Charles Brunschon AASP-MN
Ruben Bustamante U of A Foundation
Gina-Marie Byrne U of A Foundation
Andrew Cameron Multi Parts
Mark Campbell GAAS
Guadalupe Campos U of A Foundation
Megan Carpenter Breslow
Sean Cascaden GAAS-Gates
Philip Chan CAWA
Leslie Chapman U of A Foundation
michael clark U of A Foundation
Megan Coburn McCurdy
Eloise Cote-Palardy GAASCanada
Jonathan Crook APSA
U of A Foundation
Levi Cross NACAT
Joaquin Cuevas Standard Motor
joaquin currier cubero U of A Foundation
Austin Cymbalski GAAS
Dominique Davis U of A Foundation
Michael Day U of A Foundation
Barron Denmark GAAS
Colleen Dennehy GAASCanada
Alexander DeYoung McCurdy
Victor Diaz U of A Foundation
Mallory Durbin AAAS
Daniel Egge Multi Parts
Alexander Elia ADS
Reid Enfinger AAAS
James Fannon U of A Foundation
Ryan Farnham U of A Foundation
Andrew Field U of A Foundation
Will Forletti U of A Foundation
Gavin Fraser GAASCanada
Matthew Freeman U of A Foundation
Preston Friend U of A Foundation
Nick Fritsch U of A Foundation
Joe Fultz U of A Foundation
john fultz GAAS
Matthew Fusco GAAS-Polk
Ryan Galloway MAPA
Shane Galvin U of A Foundation
Zachary Gamradt AASP-MN
Abner Garcia U of A Foundation
Cody Gillen U of A Foundation
Timothy Golak U of A Foundation
Benet Gonzales GAAS
John Gouveia U of A Foundation
Corey Groebner GAAS-Gates
Edwin Guardado U of A Foundation
Nurettin Gunes CAWA
caleb hall GAAS
David Hanon U of A Foundation
Andrew Harrison Stant
Christopher Harvey U of A Foundation
Logan Hawkins GAAS-Gates
Kelly Hebert McCurdy
Sydney Hellenbrand ADS
Matthew Hervey U of A Foundation
Benjamin Hicks Stant
Shardae Hilliard WB
Justin Hiltwein AASP-MN
Leonard Howe U of A Foundation
Mari Howe U of A Foundation
Brooke Hull Breslow
U of A Foundation
Jonathon Izzo U of A Foundation
Nicky Jackson U of A Foundation
Keith Jessee U of A Foundation
Conner Kavanagh MAPSA
Travis Kelle U of A Foundation
Nicole Kelsey WB
Multi Parts
kevin kilhoffer ADS
U of A Foundation
Frankie King Stant
Shelby King U of A Foundation
Michael Knuth U of A Foundation
Alan Koetje U of A Foundation
William Kornn U of A Foundation
Sasha La Greide GAAS-Gates
Alicia Laeder ACC
Grant Lagasse ADS
Evan Laudon U of A Foundation
Alexander Leonard U of A Foundation
Mitchell Lewis AAAS
Nicholas Lindemer AASP-MN
Sara Lohnes MACS
Jonathan Lowe U of A Foundation
Matthew Lowrie U of A Foundation
Cori Lukens WB
Matthew Maddux U of A Foundation
Kyle Mahoney ADS
Ashley Malobabich GAAS
Tanner Maus AASP-MN
Jerome McCall U of A Foundation
Faron McCleary AASP-MN
Steffan McKinney GAAS-Gates
Douglas Meisel Jr. Donors
Kevin Menke MAPSA
haley Mercer AAACT
Matthew Meyer U of A Foundation
Jacob Mitchem Standard Motor
Andrew Moyle U of A Foundation
Zachary Mueller U of A Foundation
Dayne Myers GAAS-Gates
Noel Myers CAWA
Shazim Nasim MACS
Brice Nethers U of A Foundation
Matthew Nischalke ADS
U of A Foundation
corey novak U of A Foundation
Lara O'Shields Multi Parts
Sergio Ogando Taveras Donors
Vincent Ortolani U of A Foundation
Kenneth Overton Stant
Tara Owens U of A Foundation
matthew pack Standard Motor
Logan Papousek U of A Foundation
Michael Park CAWA
U of A Foundation
Luis Peraza CAWA
Kyle Peterson Standard Motor
Justin Pettit U of A Foundation
Brendan Petty APSA of IL
U of A Foundation
Jesse Phillips CAWA
U of A Foundation
Luis Pomales U of A Foundation
James Porter U of A Foundation
Kelsey Prosser WB
Samantha Reaves CAWA
Zach Reisner AASP-MN
Logan Rice Stant
Ray Ricks U of A Foundation
Garrett Rider U of A Foundation
Nicholas Riesgraf MAPA
CODY RIGGIN U of A Foundation
Amy Rittierodt Stant
Michael Robins U of A Foundation
Sierra Salmen U of A Foundation
Taylor Sammons U of A Foundation
Brittany Saraniti Breslow
Joshua Schleappi U of A Foundation
Joseph Schneider GAAS
Tyler Seitz APSA
Earl Seppanen U of A Foundation
Britney Sergeichik Donors
Shail Shah GAASCanada
Martinez Shaver U of A Foundation
Benjamin Shiek AASP-MN
Jacob Sik AASP-MN
Cassandra Simmons GAASCanada
Joshua Simpson GAAS
Navpreet Singh U of A Foundation
Andrew Smallman U of A Foundation
Brian Smith AASP-MN
Crystal soto GAAS
Ryan Stenzel GAAS-Busch
Brian Stevenson GAAS-Busch
Chase Stuckey U of A Foundation
Jim Swanson GAASCanada
Taylor Swenson GAAS
Ryan Talaga U of A Foundation
Kimball Thatcher U of A Foundation
Dillon Thompson Stant
Shelley Thurk CAWA
U of A Foundation
Adina Treise AAAS
Austin VanLue GAAS
Nicholas VanNevel GAAS
Alec Voce NYSAAA
Knute Weber U of A Foundation
Clarice Weisman MAPA
Christopher Weiss U of A Foundation
Jordan Wheeler U of A Foundation
Cameron White U of A Foundation
Luke Wiedner U of A Foundation
Catherine Wise U of A Foundation
Brook Wix U of A Foundation
Anthony Wnoroski U of A Foundation
John Wohlers U of A Foundation
Mackenzie Wootton GAASCanada
Carissa Wyant U of A Foundation
Christian Yanovitch GAAS-Gates
Bryant Zahradnik AASP-MN
Chase Zebari MAPA
Name Scholarships
Michael Adams GAASCanada
Carli Anderson GAAS-Busch
Joshua Baier GAAS
Angela Grace Balanga GAASCanada
Ryan Baxter McCurdy
Charles Bayley GAAS-Gates
Nicholas Berkey U of A Foundation
Harry Biron ADS
Kyle Boche AASP-MN
Candace Boggs U of A Foundation
Francois Bougeant U of A Foundation
Jesse Brian APSA of IL
Mark Campbell Stant
Shannon Carroll U of A Foundation
Brian Cassin U of A Foundation
Victoria Castano U of A Foundation
Marco Cattani Breslow
Andrew Cervantes CAWA
Riley Cokl U of A Foundation
Dalton Comer APSA
Jacob Conlon Stant
Vince Contorno CAWA
Thaddeus Cook GAAS
Caitlinn Courney U of A Foundation
John Cramer U of A Foundation
Eric Dodge NYSAAA
Andrew Durbin McCurdy
Justin Edson U of A Foundation
Hala Elbarmil WB
Alexander Elia U of A Foundation
Koltin Ellis U of A Foundation
James Elvidge AASP-MN
Corey Estrada GAAS-Gates
Kayla Farris AAAS
Joseph Ferrarelli GAASCanada
Ashley Forrest WB
Daniel Garay U of A Foundation
Jacob Gill ADS
Oakley Graham U of A Foundation
Michael Gremillion U of A Foundation
John Grischow GAAS-Polk
Zachary Gullion U of A Foundation
Zainab Habib GAASCanada
Christopher Hack Breslow
Richard Halsey U of A Foundation
Haley Hansen WB
John Hanson AASP-MN
Karen Havey U of A Foundation
Austin Hemesath U of A Foundation
Dave Hippo iii U of A Foundation
Peter Hirst CAWA
Spencer Hitchcock U of A Foundation
Leighton Hochgesang U of A Foundation
Ryan Hoelscher APSA of IL
Carlyn Hubbard MAPA
Corey Hubert AAACT
Joshua Hudson GAAS-Busch
Dayna Jean U of A Foundation
Willis Jett V U of A Foundation
Bryan Johnson AASP-MN
Jeremy Johnson U of A Foundation
Kyle Kachmarik Standard Motor
Conner Kavanagh U of A Foundation
kc kelley APSA
Nicole Kelsey CAWA
Brandon Kennedy GAAS-Gates
Brandon Kirkwold AASP-MN
Corey Kokette AASP-MN
Donovan Krehbiel GAAS
Kevin Krutell U of A Foundation
Mitchell 1
Benjamin Kuhn U of A Foundation
Thomas Kujawski U of A Foundation
Maxwell Lane GAAS-Gates
Brandon Larkin U of A Foundation
Jesse Leabo AASP-MN
Alexander Leonard Stant
Mitchell Lewis AAAS
Anthony Looman Stant
Ashley Malobabich GAAS
Christopher Marez GAAS-Gates
Victor Martinez GAAS
Eric Mayfield AASP-MN
Michael Meng McCurdy
Kayla Mentzer GAAS
David Messenger GAAS-Gates
Gavin Michael-Fraser GAASCanada
Stephanie Mitschell GAAS
Elizabeth Moore U of A Foundation
Maureen Moscoso Multi Parts
Erick Mosqueda CAWA
Adam Mowery U of A Foundation
Ashley Mulders GAASCanada
Nghia Nguyen AASP-MN
Christopher Niski GAAS
Collin Nixon Breslow
Ryan O'Dette U of A Foundation
Natalie Oliveto Standard Motor
Charlene Palos Standard Motor
Benjamin Partridge Standard Motor
Dillon Paumen AASP-MN
Justin Peak MAPA
Ty Pedersen GAAS
Kenneth Peluso U of A Foundation
Virgil Perry AASP-MN
Chris Peterson AASP-MN
Justin Pettit APSA
samuel purdum Breslow
Zach Ramirez ADS
Juan Ramos GAAS-Gates
Devin Ramseyer GAAS-Gates
Gregory Rasberry U of A Foundation
Evan Reinert U of A Foundation
Cassidee Retzloff MAPA
John Reuter U of A Foundation
Kendall Riecken U of A Foundation
Sarah Roesler AASP-MN
David Ross U of A Foundation
Brady Ruediger U of A Foundation
Jose Sera LDN
Rebekah Shadowens U of A Foundation
Luke Shelly GAAS-Gates
Hamrit Sidhu GAASCanada
Damon Soltero Stant
Jonathon Sorrell U of A Foundation
Zackary Stewart GAAS-Polk
Todd Stromberg U of A Foundation
Jasmine Swafford U of A Foundation
Christopher Thompson AASP-MN
Jesica Thornton U of A Foundation
Shelley Thurk Breslow
Zeller Torres Standard Motor
Adina Tresie AAAS
Kenneth Trimble III GAAS
Jason Troyer GAAS-Busch
Ray Valenzuela GAAS
Efren Vazquez-Huaracha CAWA
Spencer Wagner U of A Foundation
John Watkins Donors
Christopher Weiss GAAS-Gates
Jacob Wells U of A Foundation
James Whipple U of A Foundation
Bradley Wilkie U of A Foundation
Julia Witthoff ACC
Michael Woods ADS
John Wright U of A Foundation
Jiajie Wu GAAS
Yeng Yang AASP-MN
Ryan Young KIAWA
Corey Zabel ADS
Chase Zebari MAPA
Name Scholarships
Michael Adamczyk U of A Foundation
Jeremy Albert GAAS
Brock Allen GAAS
Carlin Arsenault GAASCanada
Kaleb Bain U of A Foundation
Kirk Barber Breslow
Derek Benefield U of A Foundation
Ashley Betzel U of A Foundation
Carl Boyd GAAS
Michael Bruno GAAS
Bryan Buske ADS
Arturo Cabral CAWA
Jason Callahan GAAS
Raymond Campbell GAAS
Brennen Cernuda LDN
Marc Chenez CAWA
Hannah Childress MAPSA
Herschel Childress MAPSA
Candice Churchill WB
Joshua Compston GAAS
Vince Contorno CAWA
Phillip Cook U of A Foundation
Zachary Corey LDN
April Craven CAWA
Chelsea Crisp WB
Brandon Day GAAS
Josh Donovan CAWA
Morgan Leigh Dykes AAAS
Adam Ecenbarger GAAS
Alexander Elia U of A Foundation
Blake Enfinger AAAS
Alan Erese CAWA
Kevin Eversole Breslow
Tanner Ewell U of A Foundation
Samantha Feldbauer GAAS
Rachel Feliciano CAWA
Garrett Felipe U of A Foundation
Justin Fish GAAS
Ryan Fitzpatrick MAPSA
Natalie Frank MAPSA
Timothy Fresnilla U of A Foundation
Dillon Garcia GAAS
Sydney Gard GAAS-Polk
John Geiger GAAS
Lauren Gerten GAAS
Bryan Gonzalez AAACT
Joe Grado, Jr. CAWA
Jordan Graham GAASCanada
Carrine Greaves CAWA
Joshua Greenplate U of A Foundation
Toby Hall GAAS
tanner harvey GAAS
Bradley Henry GAAS
Dustin Hicks GAAS
jimmy ho CAWA
Rebecca Hooker MAPA
David Hornby LDN
Carlyn Hubbard MAPA
Nina Hunter CAWA
Sandra Ingersoll CAWA
Kristina Jacobsen GAAS
Jennifer Jara GAAS
Julian Juarez GAAS
Thomas Kalman GAAS
Eric Karr GAASCanada
Kristopher Kavar U of A Foundation
Nicole Kelsey Breslow
Hayley Kincaid GAAS
Taylor Kokes APSA
U of A Foundation
Benjamin Kolasa U of A Foundation
Logan Kraaima GAAS
Cody Kruse U of A Foundation
Spencer Kubel APSA
Daniel Lind McCurdy
Thomas Markert GAAS
Marialena Martinez GAAS
Kenneth Marvel McCurdy
Kyle Mason ADS
Antonio Maysonet GAAS
Shenice McDaniel U of A Foundation
Kayla McGinnis U of A Foundation
Luke McMillan ADS
Clay Meredith KIAWA
Sherri Mester GAAS
Luke Meuchel U of A Foundation
Kari Morey CAWA
Maureen Moscoso CAWA
Amy Mowry U of A Foundation
Matthew Mueller GAAS
Noel Myers CAWA
Multi Parts
Camille Nakai GAAS
Matthew Neal GAAS
Nathan Nicks GAAS
Julian Nicosia GAASCanada
Ryan O'Dette U of A Foundation
Brennan O'Sullivan APSA
Anthony Ordway U of A Foundation
Armando Ortega APSA
Travis Padget APSA
Arielle Padover Breslow
Charles Pennington AAAS
Luis Peralta CAWA
Michelle Perez CAWA
Shelby Perrin GAAS
Tyler Potter GAASCanada
Nathan Powell APSA
Cody Pringle GAAS
Lucas Pryer U of A Foundation
Jose Puente GAAS-Polk
Jeremy Raney U of A Foundation
Ronen Rappaport GAAS
Daniella Rea U of A Foundation
Martin Reveles GAAS
James Reynolds APSA of IL
Clayton Rich U of A Foundation
Shane Robertson Mitchell 1
John Rockwood GAAS
Michael Rydz CAWA
Mariana Sceggell WB
Kevin Schmidt GAAS
Amanda Schneider GAASCanada
Christina Sepulveda GAAS
Jose Sera McCurdy
Tess Sheppard MAPSA
Matthew Smith GAASCanada
Aaron Sousa GAAS
Tyler Spencer GAAS
John Stanton U of A Foundation
Seth Starbuck APSA
Micah Stvens GAAS
Julian Suazo GAAS
Mikel Summers U of A Foundation
Xuan Sun GAASCanada
Chelsie Swanger GAAS
Sam Swithers U of A Foundation
Atanasio Torres GAAS
Adina Treise AAAS
Kevin Unser NYSAAA
Anne Veseth U of A Foundation
Andrew Walker ADS
Chambers Watkins-Blackshear U of A Foundation
Tiffany Welch Breslow
Alisha Williams GAAS
Thoran Willis APSA
U of A Foundation
Wade Wontorek GAAS
Zachary Woolard ADS
Ronald Yoder CAWA
Chase Zebari MAPA
cortney zellman CAWA
Name Scholarships
Marina Anderson Breslow
zachorey Arel GAAS
Steven Atkins GAAS
Kevin Aubrey GAAS
Kyler Bailey GAAS
Lemuel Beach GAAS
Grant Boeckmann McCurdy
Jacob Bolin APSA
Archie Bosley III GAAS
Aaron Bowker GAASCanada
Dillon Bown GAAS
Kaleb Campbell APSA
Jesus Cardenas GAAS
Kevin Carone CAWA
Ryan Coles GAAS
Vince Contorno GAAS
Kenneth Cooper GAASCanada
Rebecca Cooper GAASCanada
Spencer Datko MAPSA
Justin Davenport ADS
Cody Dempsey AAAS
Joshua Denning GAAS
Eric Diaz GAAS
Bryan Dolan GAAS
Taylor Dozier GAAS
Troy Dzuro GAAS
Bryan Eaton ADS
Michael Elia GAAS
Tyler Emery GAAS
Blake Enfinger AAAS
Lee Esten CAWA
Tyler Fall GAAS
Gregory Finke GAAS
Christina Flores GAAS
Brian Foster GAAS
Brett Fruechte GAAS
Alvaro Gallego Jr. GAAS
Jacob Gibbs APSA
Asher Greb GAAS
Charles Grospitch GAAS
William Guerra GAAS
Amber Gunter GAAS
Reggie Habas GAAS
Samantha Harris GAAS
Tim Hatcher GAAS
Kelly Hebert LDN
Justin Hoback GAAS
Tyrel Hoffman GAAS
Robert Holzheimer APSA of IL
Travis Jette GAAS
Brandon Johnson ADS
Derrick Johnstone GAASCanada
Tyler Jones ADS
Kyle Kalebich GAAS
Dominik Kazmar GAAS
Shelby Kenyon MAPA
Kyle Kowalski GAAS
Donovan Krehbiel Breslow
Renee Kucher MAPA
Hillary Lantz MAPSA
Jonathan Lantz GAAS
Lucas Laster GAAS
Steven Leach CAWA
Benoit LeBlanc GAASCanada
Daniel Lescalleet GAAS
Cooper Lewis AAAS
Cutler Littleton AAAS
Benjamin Maclay AAAS
Zachary Macomber GAAS
Samantha Madonia GAAS
Joa Markotic GAASCanada
Hannah Marks LDN
DeAnne Martinez GAAS
Patrick Mastin GAAS
Derek Matzek GAAS
Megan McCain AAAS
Cameron Medlin LDN
Justin Meekins AAACT
Mathew Mercadante NYSAAA
Bradley Miller GAAS
Mitchell Miller MAPSA
Zachary Minden GAAS
Benjamin Mohn GAAS
Sara Mohon Breslow
Dylan Mulford APSA
Tony Nguyen GAASCanada
Brandon Ohlemacher ADS
gerardo ortiz GAAS
Alexander Panin McCurdy
Tyler Patterson APSA
Raymond Pauly CAWA
matiaz perez GAAS
Johnathan Piscitello GAAS
Timothy Pitre GAAS
Zachary Prestegard Breslow
Lauren Rambo AAAS
Jeremy Raney GAAS
Brianna Risinger APSA
Zachary Rohde McCurdy
Adam Rosen GAAS
Ian Samuelson GAAS
Ethan Sanchez GAAS
Kyle Sanford GAAS
Zackary Schleyer GAAS
Hannah Schmidt MAPA
William Schneider GAAS
Luke Schrock GAAS
Brian Schultz GAAS
Yowhens Semaie GAAS
Corey Shauger GAAS
Larry Shields CAWA
Angela Shofner GAAS
Joshua Spackman ADS
Stephen Stegall GAAS
Matthew Stephenson GAASCanada
Calvin Stevens GAAS
Daniel Stevens ADS
Rebecca Stocklen GAAS
John Strle APSA of IL
Serenity Sullivan GAAS
Steven Szlamczynski GAAS
Austin Tewksbury APSA of IL
Nicholas Thomas Breslow
Bridget Trammell AAAS
Adina Treise AAAS
John Tremblay Jr GAAS
Rily Urban APSA
Tory VanAlfen GAAS
Jacob Vetter GAAS
Austen Weaver GAAS
Nicholas Weibel ADS
Dalton Weismiller GAAS
Daniel Werning GAAS
Chandler Williams GAAS
Ethan Williams APSA
Nicholas Woodarek NYSAAA
cortney zellman GAAS
Name Scholarships
William Ambrosini CAWA
Shawn Avery GAAS
Katelyn Bailey GAAS
Andrew Barna GAAS
Maria Begay GAAS
Sarah Bergeron GAASCanada
heather brenon GAAS
Lucas Campbell GAAS
Karyne Carriere GAASCanada
Derek Caudle GAAS
Jared Chamberlain GAAS
Laurie Colangelo NYSAAA
Ross Conway GAAS
Jenine Craver GAAS
Alison Creaser GAASCanada
Aaron Cyr GAAS
Jacob Dahlgren GAAS
Brandon Dailey GAAS
albert daniels GAAS
Corey Dean AAAS
Todd Dodson CAWA
Michael Dusek Dusek GAAS
ryan ebersole GAAS
Brandon Edwards GAAS
Kevin Elkins LDN
Dannielle Emond GAASCanada
Tevis Esplin GAAS
Gregory Finke GAAS
Luis Gallardo AAAS
Whitney Gavin AAAS
Tyler Getts GAAS
Anthony Gonzales GAAS
Jason Hackett GAAS
Kurt Hahn GAAS
Clinton Hancock GAAS
Luke Hochstedler GAAS
Robert Holzheimer GAAS
Brett Jacobson GAAS
Stanley Jagielski GAAS
Amanda Jenkins GAAS
Dakota Johnson GAAS
Donald Johnson GAAS
Jaimie Kasper MAPSA
Kimberly Kasper MAPSA
James Kast Breslow
Mark Kennedy GAAS
Eric Koester APSA of IL
Donovan Krehbiel GAAS
Marshall Kucharczyk GAASCanada
Nikolai Kuhn GAAS
Kyler Lehmann APSA of IL
Derek Leslie GAAS
Lindsay Logie GAASCanada
Wesley Manno GAAS
Kenneth Marvel GAAS
Kenneth Mayner GAAS
Megan McCain AAAS
Andrew McGee GAAS
Diana Mele Breslow
Nicholas Montroy NYSAAA
Carlos Nestor CAWA
Dan Niemeyer GAAS
Quentez Orr GAAS
Zane Osgood GAAS
Christopher Pauer GAAS
Cody Pearson CAWA
Charles Pennington AAAS
Nicholas Phillips LDN
Andrew Pike GAAS
Adam Pope APSA of IL
Kasey Pruett GAAS
Andrew Reau GAAS
Quinton Reed GAAS
Kyle Richards GAAS
Jared Richardson GAAS
Joshua Roper AAAS
Edson Sanchez GAASCanada
Young Schwyter GAAS
Mehgan Shaw GAASCanada
Larry Shields CAWA
Tony Staab APSA of IL
Adam Stalboerger GAAS
Ashlee Tarrance KIAWA
Christopher Taylor GAAS
Austin Tewksbury APSA of IL
Samantha Thomas MAPSA
David Thurman, III GAAS
Matthew Toney GAAS
Bridget Trammell AAAS
Floyd Trevino APSA
Steven VanArsdale Breslow
Jonathan Viana CAWA
Crystal Vickers AAACT
Jacob Wada GAAS
David Warden CAWA
Justin Weir GAAS
Matt Welch GAAS
David Wilson LDN
Tanner Wilson Breslow
jacob wing KIAWA
Chad Wolf Breslow
Trevor Young MAPSA
Name Scholarships
Abdirahman Abdi GAAS
Walter Ackerson ADS
Kasey Akina U of A Foundation
Matthew Albanese GAAS
Eli Allgood LDN
Chris Anderson GAAS
Michael Arnone U of A Foundation
Morgan Baker U of A Foundation
Whitney Barnette AAACT
Justin Bennett ADS
Katy Black ACC
Paul Blaser GAAS
Corey Bolander U of A Foundation
Joshua Bovrovay GAASCanada
Daniel Breslow Breslow
Benjamin Burklund Breslow
Ryan Carr GAASCanada
Beatrice Carrizales APSA
John Clarke U of A Foundation
Curtis Clement U of A Foundation
Jennifer Coburn LDN
Leah Cofer AAAS
Ryan Craven GAAS
Aaron Cyr Donors
Brandon Dailey ACC
Cayle Damrow Donors
Larry Daugherty APSA
Kenneth Derosia GAAS
Adam Dickson GAAS
Dakota Dillon Donors
Alfonso DiPietro GAAS
Jeremy Dotzler GAAS
Meradith Dunn AAAS
Eric Dvorak GAAS
Emily Edwards AAAS
Lucas Eicher Donors
Kevin Elkins GAAS-Polk
Matthew Elwer ACC
Adam Field GAAS
Kyle Fitzel GAASCanada
Sean Fontin GAASCanada
Samuel Frink GAAS
Sam Funtanilla GAAS
Juvinal Furtado Donors
Levi Gemmill GAAS
David Gill AAACT
Jeffery Glaittli Donors
Allison Gold GAAS
Anthony Gregory LDN
Kari Griffiths Donors
Casey Grinolds GAAS-Busch
Vincent Grothoof GAAS
Brandon Hall CAWA
U of A Foundation
Jarrod Hall GAAS
Mitchell Harble ACC
Michael Healy ACC
Jose Hernandez APSA
Ryan Hill ADS
Matthew Hlus Hlus GAASCanada
Garland Horry GAAS
Chelsea Imm MAPSA
Travis Ingold U of A Foundation
Robert Itule CAWA
Gilbert Johnson APSA of IL
Dustin Jones Donors
Daniel Kaskinen Breslow
Eric Kern Donors
Cameron Knight Donors
Jeffery Kochy GAAS
Donovan Krehbiel APSA
Richard Lane GAAS
Brandon Lawson GAAS
Brett Lewis GAASCanada
Dakota Long U of A Foundation
Danally Ly GAAS
Robert Markle APSA of IL
Miguel Marquez APSA
William Martie GAAS
Ryan Martin LDN
Walter McAlister GAAS
Jack McCulloch Donors
Jesse McIntee-Chmielewski Breslow
Tommy McWilliams GAAS
Keith Mecke GAAS
Johnathan Meininger ADS
Caitlin Menough U of A Foundation
Morgan Mentzer GAAS
Benjamin Monday GAAS
Cameron Norlin U of A Foundation
Nolynn Olson GAAS
Ernesto Pacheco APSA
Desmond Page Donors
Catherine Palange MAPSA
Krystal Parker AAAS
Alexandra Parkinson GAASCanada
Chanèle Perrier-Leblanc GAASCanada
Andrew Phelps GAAS
Jordi Pincock GAAS
Chad Point APSA
Dustin Popejoy ADS
Joseph Prestia Donors
Samantha Rawson U of A Foundation
Andrew Reau U of A Foundation
Johnathan Reding Donors
Carrie Reimondo GAAS
Ryan Renfrow CAWA
Cody Richards GAAS
Aaron Roberts ADS
Thomas Rogers AAAS
Joshua Roper AAAS
Marcos Ruvalcaba GAAS
Jacob Schreur GAAS
Jaime Schwender MAPSA
Young Schwyter GAAS
Jason Seiberlich U of A Foundation
Mehgan Shaw GAASCanada
Larry Shields CAWA
Cody Sinclair GAAS
Colton Smith GAAS
Stephanie Sosa Donors
Dustin South APSA
Brad Spafford ADS
Stephanie Spalding ACC
Kathleen Spears MAPSA
Dusty Stanley GAAS
Parker Stark APSA
William Stegich GAAS
Geremy Steglich APSA
Kelsey Stoddard GAAS
Kristen Taylor AAAS
Christopher Terrell AAAS
Austin Tewksbury APSA of IL
Patrick Thompson U of A Foundation
Matthew Toney LDN
Blake Uland MAPSA
Krisada Virojanavat GAAS
Jeff Vondemkamp U of A Foundation
Ryan Wallace GAAS
Jerome Washington U of A Foundation
Steven Wesel GAAS
Johnathan White Donors
Ross Whitmore GAAS-Polk
Jesse Williford Donors
Shelbi Winward U of A Foundation
Christopher Wise U of A Foundation
Christopher Woodhave Donors
Derek Wutzke GAASCanada
Phong Xiong GAAS-Busch
Johnathan Yerty GAAS
Casey Zajec U of A Foundation
Name Scholarships
Jonathan Agee GAAS
Katrina Allen GAAS
Marco Arenas GAAS
Nicholas Armstrong GAAS
Katrina Bailey GAASCanada
Joseph Balducci GAAS
Matthew Beckcom GAAS
Steven Blake GAAS
Jose Blanco GAAS
Charles Bowers GAAS
Amy Bowyer GAAS
Darrell Brock GAAS
Christopher Brosius GAAS
Ana Broyles GAAS
John Buchanan GAAS
Jarett Bullion GAAS
Cody Butcher GAAS
Brandon Cain GAAS
Aaron Callais GAAS
Kurt Callison GAAS
Tiffany Cannon GAAS
Caitlin Creaser GAASCanada
Gabriel Darveau GAAS
Matthew De Iulis GAAS
Clifford Dietiker GAAS
Allison Dobbs GAAS
Manuel Duran GAAS
William Durey GAAS
Todd Eichelberger GAAS
David Emmert GAAS
Sabrina Eskanos GAAS
David Evaldi GAAS
Bridgette Fitzpatrick GAAS
Dane Fletcher GAAS
Fred George GAAS
Israel Gonzalez GAAS
Tim Gordon GAAS
Seth Green GAAS
Tiffany Griffin GAAS
Kari Griffiths GAAS
Alison Grover GAAS
Bradley Gumble GAAS
Kalila Haddad GAAS
Brian Hale GAAS
Gregory Herbert GAAS
Darin Hertel GAAS
Robert Hizhniak GAAS
Stephen Hoffman GAAS
Travis Holt GAAS
Trevor Huntington GAAS
Adrian Ibarra GAAS
Robert Jackson GAAS
Kevin Jacobi GAAS
Daniel Jamison GAAS
Cassandra Janakos GAAS
Clint Jennings GAAS
Guo Jin Jiang GAAS
Christopher Johnson GAAS
Eric Kerr GAAS
Russell Kleinhans GAAS
Joshua Kling GAAS
Brandon Kneifl GAAS
Alister Kurzer GAAS
Shereen Ladha GAASCanada
Steven Leager GAAS
Tyler Lightner GAAS
Rafe Longver GAAS
Joe Lucas GAAS
Sam Lundgren GAASCanada
Kyle Mack GAAS
Justin Marshall GAAS
Zackery Martin GAAS
Travis Matherly GAAS
Brant McEachern GAASCanada
Keith Mecke GAAS
Adrian Mejorado GAAS
Marcus Mendoza GAAS
Austin Miller GAAS
Kevin Miller GAAS
Laura Miller GAAS
Aaron Mills GAAS
Mitch Musgrove GAAS
Brad Near GAAS
Matthew Northrup GAAS
Branden Ogorek GAAS
Ryan Parker GAAS
Kyle Pearson GAAS
Lukasz Perkowski GAAS
Michael Petromallo GAAS
Daniel Pinto GAAS
William Power GAAS
Joseph Preston GAAS
Joseph Price GAAS
Patrick Quinn GAAS
Scott Raymond GAAS
Alicia Reardon GAAS
Matthew Rebenitsch GAAS
Philip Reed GAAS
John Riccio GAAS
Cody Richards GAAS
Steve Riebel GAAS
Daniel Roberts GAAS
Jessie Robinson GAAS
Isidro Rodriguez GAAS
Cory Roy GAAS
Joshua Royan GAAS
Kyle Rozek GAAS
Kaitlin Rozny GAAS
Shawn Ruman GAAS
Vincent Salinas GAAS
Gregory Schmidt GAAS
Amanda Schneider GAASCanada
Nicholas Schultz GAAS
Gary Scott GAAS
Devin Shaffer GAAS
Nicholas Sharp GAAS
Mehgan Shaw GAASCanada
Nathan Shepherd GAAS
Kyle Smith GAAS
Jennifer Somma GAAS
Christopher Stafford GAASCanada
Alexander Stephens GAAS
Shawn Stephens GAASCanada
Amy Stone GAAS
Matthew Strassenburg GAAS
Franklin Straus GAASCanada
Adam Strock GAAS
Bryan Summit GAAS
Jacob Taylor GAAS
Rebecca Taylor GAASCanada
Amanda Tolf GAAS
Christopher Treacher GAAS
Addam Tremea GAAS
Tiffany Tucker GAAS
Ethan Turnage GAAS
Jaime Valim GAAS
Terry Vanalstine GAAS
Steven VanArsdale GAAS
Kevin Vanderwest GAAS
William-Roy Walkenshaw GAAS
Kalen Warren GAAS
Darius Washington GAAS
Daniel Weinberger GAAS
Brandon Weis GAAS
Daniel Welle GAAS
Cory White GAASCanada
David Wilson GAAS
Justin Winters GAAS
Benjamin Wolford GAAS
Bryin Yedor GAAS
Melissa Yukniewicz GAAS
Benjamin Zahller GAAS
David Zimmerman GAAS
Name Scholarships
Kevin Abernethy GAAS
Justin Ashmore GAAS
Okwui Atueyi GAAS
Robert Baldwin GAAS
Matt Bare GAAS
Merritt Blackburn GAAS
Tanner Booth GAAS
Matthew Brisbin GAAS
Jeanie Bryan GAAS
Jeffrey Carlson GAAS
Antonio Chisham GAAS
Kelly Christensen GAAS
John Christian, GAAS
Christina Coles GAAS
Jonathan Collins GAAS
Chris Conk GAAS
Aaron Coty GAAS
Cory Dee GAAS
Nicole Dirla GAAS
Khaalis Dismond GAAS
Grant Downie GAAS
Brian Dulaney GAAS
Jonathan Ehr GAAS
Eddy Elder GAAS
John Fenton GAAS
Bridgette Fitzpatrick GAAS
Daniel Flom GAAS
William Floyd GAAS
Douglas Ford GAAS
derek foresman GAAS
Brian Foster GAAS
Darin Garrison GAAS
Fernando Gomez GAAS
Richard Griffin GAAS
Shaun Griffin GAAS
Chance Hathaway GAAS
Jill Higgins GAAS
Robert Hillman, GAAS
Dylan Himes GAAS
Bradley Hodgson GAAS
Dru Johnson GAAS
John Kaufmann GAAS
Jeremy Kerr GAAS
Derick Kiel GAAS
Sol Kryder GAAS
Seth kuhnke GAAS
Wilmer Kuhns GAAS
Michael Lancaster GAAS
Richard Lawrence GAAS
Woodrow Le GAAS
Montgomery Leach GAAS
Benjamin Lesniak GAAS
Andrew Manos GAAS
Timothy Marchini GAAS
Justin McAllister GAAS
Jason McBride GAAS
Kevin McCoy GAAS
Zachary McLeish GAAS
Joshua McMillan GAAS
Kyle Moquist GAAS
Carlos Moreno GAAS
Joshua Morrison GAAS
Ryan Morrow GAAS
Brandon Muhs GAAS
Ashley Murray GAAS
Scott Nadermann GAAS
Christopher Nantz GAAS
Christopher Nelson GAAS
James Nichols GAAS
Daniel Olson GAAS
Eleazar Pacheco GAAS
felix passmore GAAS
Kristen Pearce GAAS
Andrew Phelps GAAS
Shelby Postl GAAS
Jeffrey Randall GAAS
Jennifer Rawson GAAS
Nicholas Robinson GAAS
Jose Rodriguez GAAS
Casey Romans GAAS
Patrick Roth GAAS
Michael Rukamp GAAS
Jacob Sallmen GAAS
Robert Sanchez GAAS
Justin Santucci GAAS
Zachary Sawyer GAAS
Kody Schirner GAAS
Dale Schonauer GAAS
Nicolaus Schwan GAAS
Matthew Sech GAAS
Devin Shaffer GAAS
matthew shelton GAAS
Matthew Sibley GAAS
Hannah Slager GAAS
Justin Smith GAAS
Keannen Spencer GAAS
Daniel Stark GAAS
Derrick Stecher GAAS
Ramon Terrado GAAS
Koua Thao GAAS
Michael Thompson GAAS
Charles Tucker, GAAS
Thomas Urda GAAS
Gerardo Valencia GAAS
Chirag Variawa GAASCanada
Andrew Walker GAAS
Kade Walker GAAS
Amanda Watson GAAS
Jeff Weissert GAAS
Benjamin Welch GAAS
Adam White GAAS
Christopher Wiers GAAS
Ashley Wilson GAAS
Bryan Wittine GAAS
David Wolf GAAS
Vanessa Wolf GAAS
Bradley Wolfgram GAAS
Lamont Wright GAAS
Name Scholarships
Wendy Albert GAAS
Aaron Allison GAAS
William Atkins GAAS
Lance Avery GAAS
Kevin Baker GAAS
Tyler Ballmer GAAS
Thomas Barnhart GAAS
Shane Benally GAAS
Reon Benson GAAS
Ernest Blanco GAAS
Eric Boughton GAAS
Anthony Brison GAAS
Clayton Brown GAAS
David Brown GAAS
Daynon Brunk GAAS
Kenneth Buchheit GAAS
Isaac Buckman GAAS
Justin Cahoon GAAS
Christopher Canton GAAS
Kelly Christensen GAAS
Gregg Clark GAAS
Justin Collins GAAS
Chance Conger GAAS
Peter Cowic GAAS
Audra Croft GAAS
Adan Dominquez GAAS
Ronald DuScheid GAAS
Eric Elliott GAAS
Nicholas Elsner GAAS
Cody Emmert GAAS
Brian Epp GAAS
Tom Erwin GAAS
Timothy Esch GAAS
Joshua Evans GAAS
Adam Fleek GAAS
Chris Fought GAAS
Joshua Frasier GAAS
Nicholas Frysinger GAAS
John Gahler GAAS
Jesus Garcia GAAS
Kenny Gehrman GAAS
Matthew Giovanelli GAAS
Charles Gleason GAAS
Travis Gough GAAS
John Grail GAAS
Wayne Habat GAAS
Melissa Hahn GAAS
Shane Handy GAAS
Kyle Harding GAAS
Michael Harqitt GAAS
Joe Harrenstein GAAS
Jessica Hatton GAAS
Desire Hawks GAAS
Alex Hayes GAAS
Brad Hemphill GAAS
Chase Heninger GAAS
Brandon Hess GAAS
Lauren Higgins GAAS
Leslie Hines GAAS
Justin Hockenberry GAAS
Andrew Hoy GAAS
David Indovina GAAS
Brandon Jackson GAAS
Randy Kammerer GAAS
Samuel Kasinski GAAS
Daniel Kaskinen GAAS
Anthony Katsaros GAAS
Kaleb Keller GAAS
Jennifer Kennerley GAAS
Andrew Kitzman GAAS
Russell Kleinhans GAAS
Ryan Kops GAAS
Lincoln Kroft GAAS
Clint Lambert GAAS
Tom Larson GAAS
Benjamin Linehan GAAS
Erica Lopez GAAS
Noe Lopez GAAS
Anthony Marshall GAAS
Tim Marshall GAAS
Pablo Martinez GAAS
Tyler Mattas GAAS
Derek Matzek GAAS
Isaac McAllister GAAS
John Metcalf GAAS
Cliff Miller GAAS
Joseph Morrissey GAAS
Robert Paschall GAAS
Matthew Porter GAAS
Matthew Portwood GAAS
Jeffery Poulin GAAS
Tawnya Pratt GAAS
Eric Proehl GAAS
Mason Quist GAAS
Logan Reese GAAS
Nicholas Ries GAAS
Jeffery Rizzo GAAS
Chad Salmon GAAS
Joshua Schwartz GAAS
Jeremy Scott GAAS
Devin Shaffer GAAS
Christopher Smauley GAAS
Jacob Smith GAAS
Patrick Stasko GAAS
Amber Stephens GAAS
Jared Straub GAAS
Matthew Strively GAAS
Anthony Swanson GAAS
Matthew Tabbert GAAS
Michael Thanner GAAS
Sean Tipping GAAS
Crystal Triredi GAAS
Tehawna Tunbridge GAAS
Michal Udowski GAAS
Chad VanBrunt GAAS
Cory Vogt GAAS
Randall Wagler GAAS
Joshua Walker GAAS
John Ward GAAS
Kevin Weiss GAAS
Ryan Wheeler GAAS
Angela Whitmore GAAS
Jeffery Wilson GAAS
Eric Wright GAAS
Ashley Yoder GAAS
Christie Young GAAS
Daniel Zoppetti GAAS
Name Scholarships
Dean Alsen GAASCanada
Michael Anderson GAAS
Okwuchuu Atueyi GAAS
Brandon Austin GAAS
Jordan Baird GAAS
John Bane GAAS
Timothy Barraclough GAAS
Joshua Baxter GAAS
Tommy Beamer GAAS
Simon Beauchesne GAASCanada
Shawn Beerens GAAS
Derek Benson GAAS
Karen Bielecki GAAS
Merritt Blackburn GAAS
Chris Blanchard GAAS
Corey L Bledsoe GAAS
Anthony Bluemel GAAS
Joseph Bonilla GAAS
James Booker GAAS
Michael Brandoll GAAS
Hoyt Brindle GAAS
William Byers GAAS
Kristopher Campbell GAASCanada
B.J. Carmack GAAS
Martinez Cesar GAAS
Nathan Chance GAAS
Joseph Chandler GAAS
Ryan Clawson GAAS
Nadine Coates GAAS
Jennifer Coburn GAAS
Aaron Cook GAAS
Juan Correa GAAS
Joshua Cox GAAS
Jason Crawford GAAS
Melissa Dabling GAAS
Jeremy Davis GAAS
Andrew Dowling GAASCanada
Brian Eayrs GAAS
Robert Eisenhauer GAAS
Rebecca Evans GAAS
Stacy Farnland GAAS
Adam Farrell GAAS
Edgar Flores GAAS
Jeffrey Fowers GAAS
Ryan Freeman GAAS
David Gardner GAAS
Kimberly Grove GAAS
Corey Gunn GAAS
Jackson Hall GAAS
Justin Harrison GAAS
Joseph Henry GAAS
Joseph Henson GAAS
Daniel Holloway GAAS
Kevin Holsopple GAAS
Micah Horton GAAS
Christopher Hosei GAAS
Austin Hughes GAAS
Jessica Johnson GAAS
Carl Jones GAAS
Craig Jones Jr. GAAS
Dylan Kalkbrenner GAAS
Colin Kelly GAAS
Christina Kinch GAASCanada
Leslie King GAAS
Brock Kisner GAAS
Aaron Knelsen Jr GAASCanada
Timothy Knox GAASCanada
Michael Kraft GAAS
Matthew Lacy GAAS
Calvin Lampkin GAAS
Joshua Larson GAAS
Lucas LaVelle GAAS
Scott Lofley GAAS
Flora Loveless GAAS
Ian Lower GAAS
James Lucas GAAS
Nathaniel Lueck GAASCanada
Tiprin Lujan GAAS
Lynsey MacNeil GAASCanada
Eric Malek GAAS
Dustin Mallet GAAS
Steven Mantani GAAS
Jason D Marcum GAAS
Joseph Marr GAAS
Joel Martinez GAAS
Paul McKenna GAAS
Nathan Meyer GAAS
Chance Mikkelson GAAS
David Montoya GAAS
Adam Morris GAAS
Brian Morris GAAS
James Mullen GAAS
Sergio Munoz GAAS
Spencer Namba GAAS
Kyle Needham GAAS
Keri Noland GAAS
Andrew Ovens GAASCanada
Ryan Parodo GAAS
Sebastien Peachy GAASCanada
Tyler Pierson GAAS
Gavin Poplin Jr GAAS
Michael Powell GAAS
Jason Radcliff GAAS
Kevin Revels GAAS
Josh Roberson GAAS
Max Roberson GAAS
Justin Rosckes GAAS
Neal Russell GAAS
Miguel Sanchez GAAS
Jeremy Sanford GAAS
Derek Schultz GAASCanada
Lee Schwab GAAS
Christopher Secor GAAS
Edward Shelly GAAS
Kimberly Shurtz GAAS
Matthew Siedenburg GAAS
Scott Smith GAAS
Rachel Sorensen GAAS
Michael Stelmach GAAS
Katie Stracina GAASCanada
Kale Strunk GAAS
David Summons GAAS
Kenneth Tang GAASCanada
Tiffany Tervo GAAS
Jessie Teska GAAS
Elizabeth Theissen GAAS
Michael Theol GAAS
Ryan Thorton GAAS
Mitchell Titel GAAS
Gary Underfanger GAAS
Vanessa Van Dyke GAAS
Gregory VanderSchaaf GAASCanada
Colt Varner GAAS
Anthony Vasquez GAAS
Daniel Veum GAAS
David Warmus GAAS
John Washbish GAAS
Rebecca Webster GAAS
Matthew Welsh GAAS
Matthew Whitmarsh GAAS
Andrew Wilkinson GAASCanada
Jimmy Winkle GAAS
Kyle Winters GAASCanada
Kelly Ann Woods GAAS
Nicole Yuschak GAAS
Seth Zombory GAAS
Name Scholarships
William Lindsey GAAS