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First Name: Eli
Last Name: Allgood
Scholarship Award: 2008 LDN
Place of Study: The Art Institute of Colorado 1200 Lincoln Street / Denver, CO 80203 - 2172
Current Job Position: Aftermarket Installation
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About me: As a recent graduate from The Art Institute of Colorado with a B.A. in Industrial Design plus a passion for Transportation and Project Design, I am amping to show the world what I can do as I bring invigorating aftermarket concepts to completion. What I may be currently lacking in work experience (part-time aftermarket installer during college), hopefully I will make up as a gifted artisan with high academic accomplishments (i.e. top honors via Portfolio Par Excellence and a 3.6 GPA honor graduate). I also obtained various scholarships throughout college, two of which I graciously received from SEMA and AAIA (LDN), not to mention I entered college with “record” class exemptions at AiC. I was the first incoming high school graduate to pull this off without prior technical schooling or training, just a god-given talent for design. This honor contributed to me graduating one year earlier - that and attending college non-stop - in order to begin and pursue my long awaited career goal of designing for the automotive aftermarket world. I have the wisdom and talent of bringing innovative ideas to the forefront through various design elements that manifest my strengths through concept sketching and three-dimensional computer renderings. Furthermore, I thoroughly enjoy pulling clay and sculpting model concepts along with three-dimensional printing of aftermarket accessories I use for completed enhancements. If my focus and commitment to my education (with automotive overtones), my ability to research and keep abreast of existing trends, my proficiency with SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and three-dimensional printing, my analytical ability to problem solve, and my strong willingness to learn and give back to society are important objectives you are looking for in new college graduates pursuing the automotive aftermarket industry, perhaps we can make arrangements to further discuss and share visual attributions of my recent grad work. It is true, pictures are worth a thousand words. I'm quite confident after reviewing my portfolio, you too will be convinced that I can be a valuable asset to any existing design team; however, I am perfectly capable of pulling it off as a solo artist also...all I am lacking at this point is OPPORTUNITY.