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First Name: Brady
Last Name: Sayers
Scholarship Award: 2014 ASMSW
Place of Study: Southeast Community College-Milford Campus: 600 State St., Milford, NE 68405
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About me: My ambitions are to attend college for Automobile Repair and Restoration. After that, finish my bachelor degree in Business. My life’s purpose is to serve the world with all the incredible gifts that God has bestowed upon me. I will be using my communication and leadership qualities with my education to attain my goals. The leadership skills and positions of leadership that I have held include: Community; Hidden Falls Ranch: boys youth counselor, wrangler, and instructor; School: member Key Club and Business Leaders of The World, 4-H: President, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice President, Parliamentarian; Shot Gun Shooter Squad and group safety leader. Boy Scouts; receive 25 badges and Eagle. My career goals are to open an Automobile Shop be the CEO/Owner and run the shop with employees. At the same time do restoration of automobiles and tractors. With the strong morals, beliefs, and skills I have acquired I can then be a vital part of our community and world.