Frequently Asked Questions and Facts

  • How long has the scholarship program existed?
    The program was founded in 1996.

  • How many scholarships are granted?
    In the past several years, University of the Aftermarket Foundation (UofAF) and its donors award more than 200 scholarships per year of $1,000 to $5,000 each. More than 30 additional organizations award scholarships ranging from $250 to $10,000.  Over the 20+ year history, more than 2.500 scholarships and more than $3.0 million have been awarded.

  • Who provides the funds?
    For the first 15+ years, the Global Autuomotive Aftermarket Symposium was held annually, and the net proceeds and other contributions funded most of the scholarships.  The scholarship program is now part of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation.

  • Who is eligible for a Scholarship?
    See the eligibility requirements on the Apply On-Line page at this site, and see each donor's page for any specific requirements.

  • Who gets the funds?
    The scholarship funds are sent directly to the recipient’s school to be applied to their account.  Awards can be applied to the student's tuition, fees, or books.  Additional arrangements will be made for veterans or others who have benefits that fully fund these items.

  • What is the Second Award?
    Students who receive a Uof AF scholarship and begin a career as an automotive aftermarket technician are eligible for a $1,000 second award. They must graduate from their post-secondary education program and complete six months of employment in the automotive aftermarket as a technician. Eligible students should contact Louise Veasman (see the "Contact Us' page) to arrange their matching grant upon completion of these requirements. This grant is made directly to the student.

  • What is the deadline?
    Applications may be made on-line for the 2018 scholarships must be completed by March 31, 2018.

  • When will I know if I received a scholarship?
    The organizattions review their candidates starting in April each year.  Recipients are notified as each group makes their selections, and this process continues through August each year.
  • When are the funds available?
    Recipients receive mail and email notification of their awards.  These include instructions on confirming their award, by supplying their college enrollment information and a photo.  Once the recipent has supplied the confirmation material, funds are sent promptly to the recipient's school.
  • How can I contact someone?
    For questions about Scholarship Applications, or to submit documents for scholarship applications:  Contact Jennifer Hollar, c/o MEMA, P.O. Box 13966, Research Triangle Park, NC  27709-3966.   Phone (919) 406-8811.  E-mail media@mema.org, Fax (919) 237-9378.
    For questions about scholarship awards or second awards:  Contact Louise Veasman, Phone (303) 594-3810, E-mail, Louise.Veasman@gmail.com, Fax (303) 984-9953.

    You may also contact me directly about any issue.  Pete Kornafel, Chairman, Scholarship Selection Committee.  pete@petekornafel.com
  • How do the other Scholarships work?

Almost 40 other organizations who also award Scholarships to students preparing for automotive aftermarket careers use this website. Your application is first reviewed to determine all the organizations where you meet their qualifications. Your application will be considered by all of those organizations. Each organization makes their own selections, and you may receive more than one scholarship. Note that some organizations have special requirements. Please review the pages for each organization on this website.