Women in Auto Care

Women in Auto Care is a global community of women in the auto care business who help to transform the lives of those who transform the auto care world.

Dedicated to development of woman entering the auto care industry, these scholarships support and hopefully encourage high school and post-secondary students to accomplish their dreams and never give up.

Scholarship Program Eligibility Requirements:

  • Applicants must have a minimum grade point average (2.5 or better).
  • High School Applicants – Applicant must be a female high school senior whose has applied and been accepted into a post-secondary program at an accredit college with a career plan to be employed in the auto care industry. Job function can range from technician/shop owner to the many business functions needed at all levels of the distribution channel.
  • Post-Secondary Applicants – Applicants must be a female student who is currently enrolled in a post-secondary program at an accredit college and planning a career in the auto care industry.

Women in Auto Care reached a milestone this year in scholarship funding and tool sets for women in the auto care industry. The group’s scholarship funding began with $2,000 back in 2004 and has now expanded to $100,000 for 2018. Since 2004, Women in Auto Care has given $357,500 in scholarships.

This year, the $100,000 is comprised of $75,000 in scholarship funds and $25,000 in tool sets. 30 scholarships are given to young women in high school and post-secondary schools that are focused on technical, as well as business/engineering degrees. 

Scholarship recipients are selected & notified of award by representatives from Women in Auto Care.

WiAC Scholarship Program Contact Information:

Auto Care Association
Attn: Women in Auto Care
7101 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 1300
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 654-6664 Ext. 1019

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